Openings in 2024

Now that the conservation of Pope’s Grotto is complete, we’re planning 13 Open Days this year, starting in May. You’ll might also be interested in one of our 6 ever-popular Sunday morning Guided Tours of Strawberry Hill Gardens and Pope’s Grotto, organised in conjunction with Strawberry Hill House.

For details and booking for all these events, see our page on TicketSource.

Individual visits can be arranged in exceptional circumstances for accredited scholars and specialist historians. It may also be possible to arrange visits for other groups (up to 25). As the grotto is in Radnor House School, visits are not normally possible during the school’s opening hours.  Therefore, visits will usually be after school hours, at weekends or in school holidays. In all cases, visits are subject to the School’s permission and cannot be guaranteed to meet your requirements.  

Enquiries about arrangements for private visits should be made by contacting us here.  Please note that a donation to the Trust will be requested.

The Grotto is owned by Radnor House School. A map of the School’s location can be found here.


The Trust and Radnor House School are looking for volunteers to assist on public open days and other events. We will be open to the public for more than 30 days a year and a large pool of people will be needed.  If you are interested, please see our Volunteering and Jobs page. No special skills or knowledge are required.